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  • Looking Back this is how it started

    In 2013, Dr. Sanjay Ambekar, along with wife Dr. Suniti and daughter Aditi often visited the ‘Health Fitness Club’, where they met Shri Rajkumar Dayma and over time they became friends. A little later, when the boredom of training in a gym set in, Dr. Ambekar suggested running outdoors on a nice open road for fitness and they ran from Mantha Cross Road to Mantha Petrol Pump and back, a distance of 5kms for the first time. The experience ushered in a joyous fitness run, which was soon joined by friends, colleagues & other enthusiasts. The increased number of participants and the fun element added ambition and the distance was doubled to 10Kms all the way up to Hotel Raviraj Dhaba and back.

    Soon it became the talk of the town and everyone from kids to women, the young & the old, Housewives & Businessmen joined in on this fitness journey. Soon the group became very large, so in 2014 Dr. Ambekar decided to formalize the group as ‘The Jalna Fun Runners’ with clearly defined code of conduct and a registered entity. The Initiative received unanimous support from all corners.

    With the following principles in mind:

    “Physical fitness for all… to achieve social and mental fitness for a better society”

    “Run… & Life will be Fun” became the motto with very simple rules.

    • To gather every Sunday early morning for the run
    • Everyone to run according to their age & physical ability
    • To carry the necessary items like comfortable clothing, drinking water, torch, napkins etc.
    • To end the routine with a stretching set conducted under the guidance of Dr. Ambekar

    This regular fitness program gave birth to the concept of ‘Fun Run’ which became a larger social initiative where, on the first Sunday of every month, the group would run a decided course with improvement initiatives. The stretching set would be followed by a group discussion on social issues and future planning initiatives. Members with birthdays in the month would host the group for the post-run snacks & refreshments.

    Before all this, individual members like Dr. Prasad ran Mumbai Marathon, Dr. Sanjay Ambekar ran Goa and Hyderabad Marathons and together went to Leh Ladakh also.

    This discipline and guidance encouraged members to participate in various running competitions and after one of the Post-Run discussion, the decision to participate in the ‘Pune International Marathon’ as a group was unanimously taken.

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