Aims and objectives

  • Compulsory twice a week running.
  • To participate in Cycling, Swimming and if possible participate in Triathlons events.
  • To bring about a social awakening regarding not just running but also being physically fit
  • A few members have started participating in Trekking events.
  • To collectively celebrate each other’s festivals for better social harmony and understanding.
  • To maintain proper record and make presentations about the events participated in for posterity.
  • To participate in Social and other health related activities.


Our Proud Director Body

Dr. Sanjay Ambekar

Founder and CEO

Dr. Prasad Kulkarni

Founder and CEO

Kedar Mundada

Founder and CEO

Rajkumar Dayma

Founder and CEO

Total Members : 53
# Name Designation
Dr Sanjay AmbekarDirector
Dr. Prasad KulkarniDirector
Kedar MundadaDirector
Rajkumar DaymaDirector
Aadesh MantriMember
Abhay KhivansaraMember
Anuj AgrawalMember
Arun AgrawalMember
Ashish BhalaMember
Ashish KarwaMember
Ashok LuniyaMember
Dr. Anil ShindeMember
Mrs. Aarti BhakkadMember
Dr.(Mrs). Aarti KulkarniMember
Dr.(Mrs). Aparna JagtapMember
Dr.(Mrs). Arti MantriMember
Dr. Bhushan BhaleMember
Dr. Deepak MantriMember
Dr. Dhiraj ChhabdaMember
Govind GoyalMember
Dr. Jitendra BargajeMember
Dr.(Mrs). Jyotsna BhaleMember
Dr. Kavita LahaneMember
Dr. Kisan KhilariMember
Dr. Kishor SachdeoMember
Dr. Madhav AmbekarMember
Dr. Makrand BotheMember
Dr.(Mrs). Madhur KarwaMember
Dr.(Mrs). Manjusha UdhanMember
Dr.(Mrs). Madhura BotheMember
Prashant PatilMember
Dr. Rajan UdhanMember
Dr. Rajeev JethliyaMember
Dr. Rajendra AmbhoreMember
Dr. Ravindra DeshmukhMember
Rajesh ParikhMember
Rakesh ParikhMember
Dr.Rahul PatilMember
Dr.(Mrs). Smita KulkarniMember
Dr.(Mrs). Sonali JethliyaMember
Dr.(Mrs). Suniti AmbekarMember
Dr. Sandeep KulkarniMember
Dr. Sanjay JagtapMember
Dr. Suresh SabooMember
Mrs. Sheetal BhalaMember
Dr.(Mrs). Swati DeshmukhMember
Dr. Tushar ShindeMember
Dr.(Mrs). Taraka ShindeMember
Dr.(Mrs). Taruna ChhabdaMember
Dr. Umesh KarwaMember
Dr.(Mrs). Vaishali KhilariMember
Dr. Vijay ShindeMember
Mrs. Vaishali BargajeMember