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Olympic winner Emil Zatopek rightly said, "If you want to run, run a mile. If you want to experience a different life, run a marathon."

We are all designed to walk and run. But we have long forgotten that. Our busy and lazy lifestyle has made our body unfit for natural running. So it's time, we rediscover the joy of running that will leave us feeling not only more energized and focused but as young as ever!

The Jalna Funrunners Foundation warm heartedly welcomes you to join us for an enriching experience of running a Half Marathon in the city of Jalna. This race has been organised under the guidance of our mentor Dr. Sanjay Ambekar Sir, who is having experience of about 100 national & international marathon.

The track on which you will run is measured and ratified. By participating in this Marathon you will get an opportunity to push yourself beyond your limits to record your personal best by running on a reasonably flat track while enjoying the pleasant weather of November.

Runners can also visit the nearest tourist and historical places like the beautiful Lonar Crater, Sindkhed Raja also the auspicious Rajur Ganpati Devasthan.

Therefore, we urge you to enthusiastically participate in this Marathon by not considering it as just another race but as a 'race for life' - in order to explore your will power to lead a strong, healthy and a happy life!

Registration Includes

Timing Chip(for 10 & 21km only)



Water, electrolytes, fruits

Post run delicious breakfast

Goodies Bag

Online Certificate

Looking forward to see you ….

Route Map With Facilities

10k/21k Route Map
Route Elevation Map
5k Route

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